Preparing for the Last Alarm

Wednesday July 11, 2001 at 7:30pm, Lancaster County Wide Radio hit the dispatch tones for ALL Lancaster Township Fire Department members to report to the North Station immediately. The assembled members were told that Pookie was taken by ambulance to the hospital where God had called him home. The flag was lowered in front of the North Station by Heather Hatfield as the sun set on this warm summer evening.

Thursday July 12, 2001, LTFD members met at Chief Glenn Usdin's home to plan the details of the funeral. At 6pm, Lancaster County Wide Radio announces the passing:

The Lancaster Township Fire Department sadly announces the unexpected death of firefighter and board member Jeff Wolfersberger. Firefighter Wolfersberger was the LCFA delegate and Assistant Chief Engineer of the Department. Jeff's only family was the fire Service and we thank you for your support at this time of our need.

Firefighter funeral services are scheduled for Saturday July 14, 2001 at the Groff Funeral Home, 234 West Orange St., Lancaster, PA . The funeral procession will proceed from Groff's Funeral Home to the Lancaster Township Fire Department North Station, 1250 Maple Ave.

Friday July 13, 2001, LTFD members drape the trucks and stations with black bunting in preparation for the funeral procession to the interment site.

Saturday July 14, 2001, LTFD members met for breakfast and discussed the final details before departing for the funeral home. The apparatus from the South Station were draped with black bunting. Millersville and New Danville Fire Companys covered Lancaster Township for the day.